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Copyright Registration In India

Jcs Acquistive Infotech ensures right solution with doorstep facility. We are working as the consulting firm in Delhi/ NCR to handle the legal work related to copyright registration from filing an application till the approval. As a personal representative of the corporate, we have a tendency to ar providing a good range of services like copyright lawyer, registration, practice, hearing cases against infringement etc. Bring any article, story, drama, poems, any creative, photographs, web contents,sound recordings, IT related Programming, can be taken under the ownership so as to avoid others using the same work done by us. Acquiring legal authentication prohibits others from repetition the performance of any artists, dramatics, writers, composers, authors, painters, cinematographers so on
As per the law of copyright, any published or unpublished article or literary work is liable to get copyrighted though the work done should be original and should not be copied or similar to others.Here we have a tendency to are describing the necessary aspects of copyright and its registration formalities.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is an authentication or intellectual property rights given to an applicant through which no one can use original works (like write ups, dramatic, musical, artistic, cinematography, recordings, computer programming etc,) of the creator without his permission. Although slight variations on the rights can be found depending upon the work performed. Being a legal right governed by the law, copyright refers other rights like communication, translation, adaptation and reproduction of the work.
Apart from these rights, an author or creator can enjoy the other moral rights like:

  • He may claim authorship for published or exhibited work under the right of paternity
  • He may decide where to publish and where not under the right of publication
  • He may take necessary preventive actions in case of image or reputation loss under the right of integrity.

Why should we apply for copyright registration services?

Copyrights registration is not mandatory yet it ensures safeguards of the rights of the creators being an infringement.. Copyrighting anything will help to protect the social and economic development which relies on the creativity. It helps to get a kind of monopoly which motivates an artist or a creator to produce more.

What can be copyrighted?

Under the Indian law, original work, literary, art, performance, songs, music, lyrics, article, diagram, drama or movie scripts, and any type of creative are eligible to be protected if they are printed in India or printed or unpublished anyplace by the national of India. Indian law contains a right to copyright the international work also.

What means an original work to be copyrighted?

According to the Supreme Court of India - the word original doesn't comply the work to be an expression of original or inventive thought. An original work is claimed to be original if it's not traced from another work - fully originated from the author solely. Originality relies on the extent of capability, skills, judgment, labor being held by the creator or owner in making any type of creation. But it should be noted- only expressions are copyrighted, not the ideas. For example, if you have contents on your website, this can not be copied by the competitor though he can use the idea in his business activity.

How to register a copyright?

Copyright is registered under the copyright act, 1957 for the original work being carried out by the creator. This act has been implemented five times till date (1983, 1984, 1992, 1994, 1999, 2012) to safeguards the projects of various industries. Once registered, copyright lasts for 60 years though the starting period may vary according to publication dates or nature of work.
The someone or his personal representative might file an internet application through the web site of copyright workplace at WWW.copyright.gov.in, or will be sent within the kind of a hard copyof prescribed format through speed post or registered post

Is copyright assignable?

The owner of the copyright may assign the copyright to another person partially or wholly or with some limitations. If anyone knowingly tries to infringe the copyrights work, it will be treated as the criminal offense under section 63 of the copyright act. In the case of first infringement, the criminal may be imprisoned for 6 months with a penalty of Rs. 50,000/-. If it continues by the criminal, he may be held liable for the fine of Rs. one lake with a minimum imprisonment of one year.

Who can apply for the copyright registration?

Any author, creator, musician, artist, producer, painter, composer, or an organization might safeguards their creatives with mistreatment this power.

Documents required filing application for registration of copyrights?

The someone or his personal representative might file an internet application through the web site of copyright workplace at WWW.copyright.gov.in, or will be sent within the kind of a hard copyof prescribed format through speed post or registered post. To file an application for registration of copyright, an applicant must attach:

  • Four copies of the artwork
  • Applicants details of name, address and nationality proof
  • Nature of interest of the work of the applicants
  • Work title
  • Authors details and death certificate in case of the death of the author
  • First Publication date, place, publishers name, etc.
  • NOC from the trademarks registry
  • Power of attorney on Indian stamps paper

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